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Rajasthan Destination
Nothern India Tours  
Uttaranchal Himachal Pradesh Uttar Pradesh
a) Delhi Haridwar Rishikesh Mussoorie Delhi

b) Delhi Mussoorie Yamunotri Gangotri Kedarnath Valley of Flowers Badrinath Rishikesh Haridwar Delhi

c) Delhi Corbett National Park Nainital Ranikhet Delhi

Itinerary a) - c) 7 nights/8 days.
Itinerary b) 11 nights/12 days, available only from May to June

  • Visit The India Gate , a great chance see Delhites crowd here to see the sunset.Lodi Gardens is full of Moghul monuments.
  • See Gurudwara Bangla Sahib and get a chance to discover the Sikh Religion
  • The Old Delhi Bazaar , stroll around small and chaotic roads where all kinds of activities are found.
  • This is where the Gange River emerges from the mountains and starts a long trip towards the Bay of Bengal.
  • The second attraction here is the large number of bazaars .
  • Mansa Devi , a impressive temple that dominates the city and the valley.
  • Here the Garwhal Mountains start rising towards the sky and the Gange River flows into the Indian plains.
  • A large number of Ashrams are to be found and many travellers off to the himalayans stop here.
  • The first glimpse of the himalayan peaks covered by snow.
  • The Landour bazaar is very fascinating.
  • After a very hard and narrow path you reach this incredible temple situated near the river and not far way are three thermal sulphuric springs
  • This is the most remote place of the Garwhal where pilgrims meet.
  • Nearby you can see the natural pool called Gaurikund ,
  • a wonderful place to walk through the forest and cross a breathtaking rope bridge .

  • This temple made from stone is located in a striking position,
  • on the one side Mandakini River , on the other dramatic seracs.
  • It is visited by a large number of pilgrims.
Valley of Flowers
  • This valley begins at an altitude of 3352m , and it was named Valley of Flowers because of such a wide range of flowers and plants.
  • The best time to visit it is obviously after the monsoons.

  • One of the most sacred temple for the Hindu, near the Alaknanda River ,
  • The Gange River's main tributary. This temple is dedicated to Vishnu and it's all made from wood.
  • From far away is looks like a Tibetan gompa because of it's bright colours.
Corbett National Park
  • The most important national park in India and it's also one of the last "wild" areas of himalayan India .
  • The Corbett is also famous for its felines, most of all the tiger .
  • A large number of elephants are also to be found, especially on the banks of Dhikala Basin .

  • This is the largest city of the Kumaon , and it's and excellent place to start discovering this area.
  • The Mall is the heart of the city, a great number of restaurants and shops are situated here.
  • Two of the best view points are Naina Peak and China Peak .
  • Half way up to Snow View is the small Tibetan gompa called Gadhan Kunkyop Ling .
  • This small city is very poplar for its trails that go through a beautiful forest, many areas of the city are still quite isolated and sometime you can even spot some leopards .
  • Here are some outlets that produce a good quality of tweed .